We offer over 30 years of professional repair
experience to our customers

in the Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado area.

Open 11am to 3pm Tuesday – Friday.

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logoviolin repair
625 N. Weber
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
We are located in the cottage behind 627 N. Weber.
See map below.

We work on violins, violas, cellos, string basses and bows.

We believe every instrument deserves a fine repair.

Whether you have a student instrument,
a brand new instrument or a fine older instrument
that needs minor or major restoration work,
we provide professional repairs.

We appraise, buy and sell antique instruments and bows.

All repairs are guaranteed
and done with expertise and integrity.

Is your violin worth fixing?
Bring it in and we will give you a free estimate on
repairs and an honest evaluation of your instrument.

We are located in the cottage behind 627 N Weber.