Private lessons for violin, viola cello and bass: Call the shop for a list of teachers in your neighborhood.

Bow Re-hairs: We have premiere bow hair currently in the shop from Siberia. It is strong, resilient and grabs well even when playing softly. Come in for an excellent bow re-hair.

Bridges: Professional and student bridges carved. All bridges are cut to the correct height and curvature. Feet fit well and the bridge is planed to the correct thickness. Want to steam a warped bridge instead of having it replaced? Let us look at the bridge to see if that will work for your instrument.

Sound posts: Not happy with the sound of your instrument? Let us see if the post is in the correct place and fits well. Sound post placement is crucial to a beautiful sounding instrument.

Neck resets: We specialize in expert repair on broken necks. Don’t panic, a broken neck can often be easily fixed. We also do more extensive work if needed on professional instruments.

Pegs: Having a difficult time tuning? Bring your instrument in and we can look and see if there is a simple solution or if a peg needs to be replaced. Remember that violin pegs are friction pegs and they need to be pushed in while tuning. Also, in the winter the humidity drops and pegs tend to pop out. Sometimes peg lubricant application or removal is all you need to solve the problem.

Cracks and open seams: We take tops off in order to properly glue and cleat cracks. We can also glue a crack without taking the top off for student instruments. Colorado has very low humidity and cracks can happen quickly in this dry climate. Immediately loosen the tension on your strings if you see a crack on the top of your instrument. Is your violin sounding funny? Check to see if there are any open seams. An open seam can have a profound effect on the sound of your instrument and is easily repaired.

Appraisals: We provide oral appraisals and written appraisals for insurance purposes. Want to know if your instrument is what it says it is? Bring it in. Remember that there are Stradivari copies everywhere and the label is often misleading.

Restoration work: We do complete restoration work on older instruments and bows.

Buy and sell antique instruments and bows.